Acoustic Consultancy

Acoustic Consultancy

Whether you run a small café, busy restaurant or leisure facility, a recording studio, busy office or large showroom, acoustics matter – and if they’re all wrong they could lose you business. From issues with ambient music in restaurants to noise levels in a swimming pool or gym to having acoustics that doesn’t lend themselves to productivity, having the right acoustics could mean the difference between a profitable business, and one that just plods along. Hearing really does matter and it affects the way we operate. Think about how a noisy environment disturbs your concentration; when it’s obvious you can find a solution but sometimes it’s not so obvious and you can’t quite put your finger on it. A perfectly controlled environment can increase productivity by as much as 80%!

A solution for every space

If your business is housed in an old building, constructed without any thought on how acoustics could affect those within or a converted house that wasn’t originally meant to house your type of company, here at Sono, we can help figure out what’s wrong with your acoustics, and how to make it right. Our acoustics consultancy service lends itself well to recording studios, houses of worship, swimming pools and restaurants, but can be useful wherever sound is a problem – we’ve worked with all types of spaces, and have yet to find an acoustic problem we can’t solve.

How we work

With years of experience, we can use the most recent technology and proven methods to measure, innovate and recommend adjustments that will improve your acoustics. We use a plethora of software, specifically created for the acoustics industry. This allows us to create a 3D model of your space and examine the behaviour of the acoustics within. Based on our findings, we can then work on solutions tailored to your unique space and we have the contacts and industry knowledge to source the right equipment for the job.

Acoustics is our business, so why not let us help yours run better with acoustic consultancy services from Sono Solutions.

Areas we cover. We cover the entire South East including London, Kent and East Sussex

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