Project Coffee

Project Coffee

At Sono, we travel all over the country visiting clients, and as self-confessed caffeine addicts we try and ensure many of those meetings take place in coffee shops.

However, the conversations are often hindered by the very nature of our meeting in the first place – Acoustics. And so, while our first love is studio design and construction we want to solve the little problems along the way and make our meetings easier on the ear.

The primary purpose of the coffee shop is, of course, the coffee; but a very close second is clearly the social interactions. Whether it’s mums exchanging tips, old friends catching up or music industry extraordinaire discussing the next project, the shop is full of conversation. With all this going on it can sometimes be impossible to be heard!

It’s time to correct and control the acoustic behaviour inside the shop. It’s time to give your customers an experience that encourages them to stay a little longer and maybe spend a little more.

Get in touch to find out more about our acoustic correction programme designed specifically for coffee shops.

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