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Sono is a fresh new company, and managed by Carl Freslov, the team bring exemplary experience with them. In recent years Carl has been on the team delivering major projects at the Royal College of Music, Royal Northern College of Music, Sarm Music Village (Trevor Horn) and Terminal Studios to name just a few. We now bring this level of quality and expectations to the accessible level.

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NHS Partnership, KIER, Sarm Music Village (Trevor Horn), Mat Davidson (Composer), Sarah Warne (Composer), Bedford Girls School, Studiotwentyone, Lingfield Notre Dame

The first time I met with Carl of Sono Solutions I knew they would be the ones to turn our old brick garage into a garden music studio; what I was not prepared for was the sheer beauty of the space when the work was done. Although I wanted to have a quiet, sonically controlled space, writing music is for me is just as much about being in inspiring surroundings. This is where it became clear Sono Solutions are not just about high-end sound treatment, but also beautiful craftsmanship. I was allowed to be involved in all the aesthetic choices, as well as being advised throughout, and the results are a gorgeous light room, with walnut beams and a matching bespoke desk, where the noise of outside building work doesn’t intrude, and not even a blast from my trombone disturbs the birds on the feeder. I could not be happier. The team worked hard, but were always attentive to the fact that they were in our home, and around our neighbours. Sitting in this inspiring space my work has improved dramatically.

Matt Davidson
Music composer for film & TV

As a film and TV composer working to tight and exciting deadlines, my workspace is everything to me: – the way it performs, the way I feel working in it, and the quality I can achieve from within those four walls. I commissioned Sono Solutions to build a bespoke two room garden studio (control and live) at the bottom of our garden last Autumn, and I can truly say that they have built everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. Sono Solutions are completely unique. When researching for a company to help me build a garden workspace, it was clear that there are lots of companies vying for this market. However, to me Sono are completely unrivalled in being able to offer a tailor made solution for sound production and composing, because they have all the in house expertise required to pull it off: construction & joinery, electrics, stunning aesthetic design, acoustic knowledge and design, and an unbelievable hard work ethic and attention to detail – everything is so precise and beautiful. I wanted to create a studio that would be my work home for the next 10 years, and Sono have delivered above and beyond. My new studio is set up for all my needs – stereo and 5.1 monitoring, air conditioning, sound proofed, and a beautifully designed acoustic response making my room a listening environment I can fully trust. The room is also light and airy, with minimal acoustic compromise, which is perfect for me as I really love being able to watch the world (in sunlight or in rain!) from my window. Not only is the room an absolute aesthetic and acoustic triumph, but Carl, KP, Dan and Ricardo who make up the Sono Solutions team, were an absolute joy to have in our home. Always positive, motivated, kind and thoughtful, they were an absolute pleasure to work with. With the stunning precision and clarity of this beautiful Sono space, I begin 2018 so excited to be able to grow as an artist, and to hear and improve upon my mixes and scores like never before. Thanks guys, for everything!

Sarah Warne
Music composer for film& TV

Ok so let’s start this testimonial backwards.The finished room sounds amazing and the room sweeps show a fantastic frequency response. That was the ultimate aim, what was promised and what was delivered. All my speakers are in and it sounds great. I am already delivering music of the highest calibre which is being incredibly well received. So I couldn’t be happier. The installation was great fun and I really enjoyed having the team on site. It all went seamlessly, bar the occasional rainy day, but remained on schedule. The planning and design were great fun too and all of my suggestions were considered, incorporated if possible but also argued against if deemed to be an acoustic compromise too far or just a bit impractical. Personally, that feedback was exactly what I was looking for. Informed guidance based on experience. I have been associated with high-end music production for almost 20 years now and know all of the usual suspects involved with building studios. I contracted Sono because my extensive research and experience told me that there is no one making this type of bespoke studio with this level of acoustic performance and aesthetic.

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