What we do

Acoustic Construction

We provide competence, quality and skills, specifically in acoustic construction. The nuances of this specialist skill are not to be confused with typical construction and are often counter intuitive. If you have commissioned for an acoustic report to be carried out then who can you engage with to follow the details correctly, and without compromise? Our specialist craftsmen know all about the technicalities and can give you the comfort you are looking for.

Acoustic Design

Our in house team use a range of acoustic software to 3D model and calculate the acoustic behaviour of your space. We can confirm, with accuracy, the results of a proposed solution before you invest and demonstrate it; you can even change the design following receipt of the results! From world famous recording studios, swimming pools and even noisy cafes, we have solved them all.

Products and Services


Our speciality: full design and construction of studios for a multitude of uses; music rehearsal, recording, editing, performance, mastering, finishing and everything in between. Each studio is designed with the purpose and use at the forefront; essential for successful completion. Sound Transmission Reduction and RT’s specifically identified and controlled for your location and requirements.

Garden Music Studios

We have developed and achieved outstanding results with our latest projects. The sound proofing technology we have developed is now integral to the studio construction with unrivalled performance results in the UK. The final appearance is stunning and with amazing acoustic results and exceptional quality there is no comparison.

Acoustic Panels

Standard or personalised (both visually or acoustically) From Absorbers to Diffusers we help you select the right product for frequency response control inside your room. Panels can be manufactured in our workshop and delivered to site with/without installation or using stretch fabric system we can send our operatives direct to location for immediate and onsite installation.

Acoustic Doors

From 40dB up to 55dB guaranteed and certified in Europe. High performance doorsets with some of the thinnest leafs available. Why invest in soundproofing a room only to compromise on the biggest hole? With probably the cheapest prices in the U.K. make sure you get the right solution.

Acoustic Windows

Bespoke construction to your size and transmission reduction requirements. Each one is hand made in our workshop by our craftsmen and tested before release.

Acoustic Consultancy

Testing and reports to include for recommendations and solutions for correcting the acoustics in a given space. Typically these will include Recording Studios, Rehearsal rooms, Houses of Worship, Sports halls, Swimming pools even noisy restaurants and more!


Noise problems ? we can carry out certified testing and provide full reports to meet with BB93, Building regulation requirements in Approved Document E. NPPF, NPSE, BS4142, sound and/or impact insulation testing for building acoustics.

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