Garden Music Studios

Garden Music Studios

If you’re short on space that you could utilise for your home studio, or if you simply want to be outside of the main house when laying your tracks, a garden studio could be the perfect solution. Within sight and within reach of all your home comforts, but with a seclusion that only a separate building can bring, a garden studio from Sono Solutions offers everything you need when it comes to making music, and acoustics you’re sure to love.

A Garden Studio that’s all your own

Whether you have a large or a small garden, Sono Solutions can provide a custom built soundproofed garden studio that fits your needs, giving you privacy to practice and record your music without being overheard. In short, it’s a home studio that offers all the benefits of a professional setup – bringing all the previous experience and technical lessons from constructing world famous commercial studios to an accessible level, that could be in your own garden. With enough soundproofing not to disturb your neighbours, and more importantly the perfect acoustic environment inside to create your masterpiece; without the necessity of having to drag heavy equipment about to a rented space – everything you need is right there in front of you.

Ensuring all bases are covered

We will support you at every step of the way. That includes the option to go for planning permission if you need something a little larger than permitted planning allows; and we also provide all the necessary information to comply with build regulations, if applicable.

Once the ‘formal’ stuff is out the way, we start designing your studio with you. We understand how important it is to have a studio where you feel creative and inspired. We want to build your dreams so you can create yours. Down to the very last detail, we will discuss the finishing options so when we leave and you bring your equipment in there you feel good to go! We put all our efforts into constructing studios that not only perform well acoustically but look amazing too, and with our feedback so far we think the balance is right. Everything has to be considered in acoustic construction from the very first process, so please speak to an expert when investing in your dreams.

Our Locations

We cover the entire South East of England including East Sussex, Kent and London

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